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About Us

About Us
www.11to99.com is a platform-based Internet company.
The business scope is mainly daily necessities, clothing, shoes and hats, skin care and health care, etc., providing consumers with reliable products for basic necessities of life.
Our slogan is, from the factory to your home! Eliminate intermediate links, and strive for greater discounts, the most affordable prices, and the most complete services for consumers.
Most of the current products are ordered by ourselves and produced in the factory, and some products are purchased from the factory. We will continue to expand the order production of Chinese factories, inspect the raw materials of some products, and send employees to supervise the production process to ensure the production pass rate and ensure that consumers get qualified products.
Now we serve consumers in more than 20 countries and continue to grow. We hope that consumers all over the world can enjoy our services.
We have been working hard to pursue the simplest, safest and most effective channels, and strive to make global consumers satisfied with our services!
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